Heat Wave by Richard Castle
Naked Heat by Richard Castle
Heat Rises by Richard Castle
Frozen Heat by Richard Castle
I'll just write these up as a batch. These are murder/cop books supposedly written by Castle of ABC's Castle renown. Of course there is a ghost writer behind these. They read just like the dialogue on the show. Humorous repartee along with speedy action and intrigue. I enjoy these much like Janet Evanovich, although they are not half as funny. By the fourth novel, there is a strong element of the links to Nikki Heat's mother's murder. So much like the show. Except there is much more sex.

Need by Joelle Charbonneau
Charbonneau is a bit scary with her government experiments (ie The Testing). In this there is a new social website called Need that promised to fufill your requests for needs if you just follow simple directions. Quickly this leads to death and suicides and a serious horror movie atmosphere. Not too over the top for middle school. The main character is a bit whiny for me and it took a while for the action to pull me through. Creepy to the end. YA for violence.

Magnus Chase: The Sword of Summer by Rick Riordan
Another terrific, complicated mythological action packed world saver. In another trilogy to come, Riordan has created a new world of Norse gods and worlds including the nine worlds. With his tongue perennially in his check, Riordan manages to even make fun of himself. Should the sword hide itself as a pen--ridiculous. Based mostly in Boston, there is so much history along with the Norse mythology. Excellent 4th+

big game by Stuart Gibbs
a funjungle novel (sequel to Poached). While Teddy is walking the elephants, someone fires a shot inside Funjungle. After the stampede is over they discover someone has taken a shot at the pregnant rhino Rhonda. Lots of intrigue and also endangered animal talk. Very good. 4th+ Mystery and/or realistic fiction

Deadly Heat by Richard Castle
Just like the show. Still following clues from her mother's death, this one seems to bring some actual closure--after a brush with bioterrorism and a serial killer. a romp. in a creepy way of course.

Ice Like Fire by Sara Raasch
The Queen of Winter goes out to build alliances but things get even more complicated. Who to trust?? This is a good read right after Book I. YA for violence and kissy scenes. And Summer's kingdom is built on prostitution and slavery.. Hmm. Very good.